Schlichting Dealing with Rare Condition

Dodgers reliever Travis Schlichting has regained 10 of 30 pounds he lost while dealing with Gilbert’s syndrome, which results in increased bilirubin levels and, in Schlichting’s case, is believed to have caused fatigue and nausea that led to the weight loss.

Schlichting, who had a two-appearance cameo with the Dodgers last year, believes a low-fat diet triggered the inherited condition, although now that he’s feeling better, he views the weight loss as a benefit because it takes pressure off a bulging disk in his lower back that sidelined him most of Spring Training last year.

Schlichting said the condition was the worst during the Arizona Fall League, when he had to pitch on an empty stomach because he couldn’t hold down any food. He said a return to a more normal diet  has him feeling better than he has since early last year. — Ken Gurnick

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