Manny: Last Year as Dodger

Manny Ramirez said Monday that 2010 will be his final season as a Dodger.


Ramirez, 37 and in the final year of a two-year contract, hinted at both retirement or a return to the American League as a designated hitter as possibilities but committed to neither.


“I know I won’t be here next year, so I’ll just enjoy myself,” Ramirez said. “I’m happy I’m here now, I just know I won’t be here. I’ll wait until September and see where we’re at. The game is still fun, but I’ll wait until the season ends and see where my family’s at and stuff like that and make a choice. I just want to see how my body responds and stuff like that.” — Ken Gurnick

One comment

  1. icare10_icy

    I remember back in December 2008, at the general meetings when the Dodgers offered Scott Boras and Manny a two year 45 M with an option for the third year at 15 M and a buyout of 8 M. Well, Scott Boras turned his nose up at it. Even most Dodger fans were upset it wasn’t more. Now as the dust settles and time has moved on we find out Colletti and Frank to have made a wise decision by giving Manny a 25 M first and 20 M for the second year. I’m hoping Manny will have a monster year and rides off in the sun set as a Dodgers hero.

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