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Dodgers Talking to Hudson

The collapse of the free-agent market has dropped second baseman Orlando Hudson’s contract demands to a level that interests the Dodgers, and general manager Ned Colletti confirmed Wednesday that talks are ongoing.

Colletti said he has payroll “flexibility” unrelated to efforts to sign Manny Ramirez which Colletti said continue, He added that interest in Hudson does not mean he lacks confidence in Blake DeWitt, who came into Spring Training as the incumbent second baseman after the retirement of Jeff Kent.

“I’m big on inventory,” Colletti said.

Hudson is coming off a season shortened by a broken wrist. — Ken Gurnick

Penny vs. Bowa

Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny told Yahoo.com that Dodgers coach Larry Bowa talked about him to other players behind his back last year and Bowa responded with a colorful critique of Penny’s work ethic, body type and leadership skills.

Manager Joe Torre wanted no part of that volleying.

“Let’s get the games started so we have something else to talk about,” Torre said. “I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll write it in my next book.”

General manager Ned Colletti, who paid Penny $2 million to leave rather than $9.25 million to stay, was equally evasive.

“I choose not to respond,” said Colletti. “I choose to wish him well.” — Ken Gurnick