Belisario Late Again

The first workout for Dodgers pitchers and catchers is Sunday and, for the second consecutive Spring, reliever Ronald Belisario will miss it, again because of visa problems in his native Venezuela, and manager Joe Torre isn’t happy about it.

“It should have started earlier,” Torre said of the process to get clearance. “It’s not something I like. There’s always some issue with somebody. After the job he did last year, we have a better idea of what he’s like, but I still want him here.”

Belisario had an amazing Spring last year. He reported a week late, pitched one inning of a “
B” game, was among the first cuts March 6, pitched lights-out in Minor League camp, was brought back to Major League camp March 30, pitched five more innings and made the Opening Day roster.

Then he spent the entire year in the Major Leagues with a 70 2/3-inning workload and a stellar 2.04 ERA despite missing one month with a sore elbow. — Ken Gurnick


  1. bluesmaster

    Yea, let’s fall for the old visa trick to get out reporting on time!
    I’m sure his country and ours are worried about a pro ball player traveling for work!!!
    Trade the moran for a quality #5 starter…..and let’s kick some booty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bluesmaster

    Hey dicstrom.. u furgot the piriod at the end of yur sentense……moran! I guess ever blog needs a teacher! Talk baseball or get out of here…. peace out! GO BUMS!

  3. dodgerdave3

    Really? That’s your response? Do you not get that that was just a light-hearted joke? We are Dodger fans here. Do you want some Giants clown reading that? Unless your name is, I can talk grammar if I like. I do want to send you an apology letter though. What’s your mom’s address?

  4. 58dodgers

    C’mon Belisaro!! You’ve got to do better than this.
    Take ownership of this, and get your fanny to ST!
    You could be looking for a job if you upset to many people in your line of work.
    You could be pitching for someone in Venezuela, for a lot less $$$.

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