Batting Order Juggled

Manager Joe Torre has juggled the batting order for Monday night’s game in San Diego, moving James Loney and Casey Blake up to third and fourth, while moving Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp down to fifth and sixth. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dodgerdog1

    Joe can juggle all he want’s but the reality is that ” you can’t polish a ****” I know a lot will be said about the McCourts public divorce handcuffing Colleti and the always available injury excuse. The real story is how this young team just fell apart at it’s core. You can see the lack of drive, motivation and belief that this team can win on the players. Maybe pa pa Manny had a negative impact on the younger players but still.. We know this team has more individual tallent than what we have seen. We know the pitching has been good enough for there to be 3 starting pitchers w/ close to 15 wins each. We know Joe is a tallented manager suposed to get the most out of his players. So what gives? I think mental nucleus of this team quite frankly has been fragile. I will single out a few players in particular: Broxton and Kemp stand out. Neither have been consistent and neither seem to care. Good teams fight through adversity, good teams get the most out of replacement players, good teams believe they can win and grind games out. Dodgers do none of the above. I think the Dodgers have lost every important game possible in the second half. Every gift we have been given in the form of struggling teams or favorable schedule has been squandered including the Pad’s 10 game losing streak down the stretch. They sure got healthy on Dodger blue.. The offense has been pathetically inconsitent. The bright spots have been flashes from players no one expected anything from. Dodgers will have a looooong off season trying to figure out where they go from here. Let me explain it like this. Any starting player for the Dodger would make a great addition to any contending team but the Dodgers collectively just can’t seem to play competitively as a unit. Are we really this fragile? Are we really this bad and how else could you explain it?


    I couldn’t agree more. With the talent on the team, it deserved a better fate this season. Joe Torre is a good manager for a veteran team that knows what needs to be done. These young guys need someone to light a fire under them. So many games the team looked like it lacked desire or determination. How many times did hitters watch strike one, swing at ball two and either strike out or hit the ball weakly. Their approach at the plate seems pathetic. Aside from the starting pitchers and Kuo, who on this team has lived up to his potential. I can only think of James Loney and Jamie Carroll. That’s sad. Bringing back Torre will only mean more of the same next season. It’s time to shake things up and bring in another power bat.

  3. dodgerrummy

    Guys, I would love for Colleti to go out and get a power bat, but do you really see it happening. Public divorce or not, at the end of this thing Mr. McCourt might be borrowing money from fans for a Dodger Dog. Hell, it may be Mrs. McCourt for all we know. Either way, I agree it’s time for the next manager to step in (Mattingly), no pun intended. Look at our roster guys. Holes all over the place. If Matty and Andre go back to hitting well then left is the only hole out there. However, Theriot at second? Ok, but zero power. Furcal is a hicup away from a blown back and Blake is starting to see age. Blake is solid and I like him, but he’s losing a step in the field and plate. Loney is solid and hopefully Martin can come back from injury. The pitching staff is solid with Kershaw and Bills, but after that not really. Lilly is a FA and why did we give Padilla a new contract? Brox has gotten shy all of a sudden and Kuo’s elbow could resemble an IED blast at any moment. The young guns from last year are shell shocked or have been traded away. If Colleti can promise Cliff Lee everything he demands in addition to whatever he might want, that would be a start. Make a run at Lilly and hopefully being back in LA was enough to re-up. Shore up the bullpen with psychologist visits by current staff and maybe we have enough to get through next season. This assuming Mrs. McCourt doesn’t take all the money or team away from Frank and then who knows what will happen.

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