Martin Ready for Big Year

Dodgers catcher Russell Martin, who came into camp last year weighing 210 pounds, checked in this year at 230 after a winter of weight lifting and said he could get up to 240 during the season. Martin said he also has gone back to eating foods he likes after abandoning a low-fat, low-carb diet.


Martin spent part of the winter working out with fellow Canadian Eric Gagne, who just signed a Minor League contract with the Dodgers. And Martin said he knows there will be suggestions or suspicions that his added weight is the result of a performance-enhancing substance, which he said are the unfortunate aftermath of the steroid era.


“It does stink, but I don’t care at this point,” he said. “I’ll always keep my integrity. At some point, I guess that will cease. We’re in a transition place where people still have their doubts. If you work out the right way and push yourself and eat the right way, anybody can gain weight. For me, it’s hard not to gain weight.” — Ken Gurnick


  1. bgq86

    Great. A fat Martin who will swing for the fences even more now. This is not a good sign! Everyone agrees he needs to get into better shape and concentrate on average and not fences. Now he’s bucked all and fatted up to hit more homers. Looks like a 3rd straight drop in average and probably not a lot of power. Big dissapointment!

  2. bluesmaster

    Martin is an average hitter at best and that will never change now that he got his contract and stopped juicing.
    Lets be honest…….I’m so tired of the BS!!!!

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