Dodgers, Gagne Reach Agreement

The Dodgers and free-agent reliever Eric Gagne have reached a tentative agreement on a Minor League contract with an invitation to Major League camp. Gagne, 34, also had an offer from the Colorado Rockies, but preferred to return to Los Angeles, where he enjoyed his greatest success. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dodgerrummy

    A few years ago, I would have loved the signing or more fittingly, re-signing of “Game Over” Gagne. Even through the injuries he meant a lot to Dodger fans all over the country. In 2002, I relocated to the Dallas, TX area, but still followed the Dodgers pitch by pitch. When Gagne did leave and came to the Rangers, I couldn’t wait to go to the Ballpark in Arlington and welcome him to Texas. I would have preferred he was still in blue, but you can’t have everything in life. I was able to grab some tickets, and both myself and my son dawned our Dodgers jerseys for the game. In between innings I took my son down to the Rangers bullpen to let Gagne know that even in Texas, Dodgers fans still loved him and were rooting for his success. I attempted to get his attention many times by calling his name to no avail. CJ Wilson heard my calls and turned around and looked at us. He was sitting right next to Gagne and told him we were there. Gagne didn’t flinch. He didn’t so much as raise a finger of acknowlegement. Apparently, even though Dodgers fans didn’t turn our backs on Gagne, he turned his back on us. Having said that, I hope the Dodgers don’t have a 40 man spot for him after the spring, so he may go back to the Independant league and enjoy being a player/coach. That day solidified, in my mind, that Gagne as a Dodger was truely, “Game Over”!

  2. danthemonk

    so, let me get this straight…because he didn’t acknowledge you, one fan in 40,000 at the ballpark, one fan in all of the season, on that particular day, you went from a fan to a hater???? He could have been having a bad day. He could have been focused on the job at hand (winning ballgames) and didn’t want another distraction at the office. He could have been SICK AND TIRED OF A TOTAL STRANGER REPEATEDLY CALLING HIS NAME!!! For all he knew, you could have been a heckler. And because of that, you wish him, your cy young award winner, your Game Over for so many years, to be banished from even having a chance at coming back and helping to win some ballgames? You’re a ******.

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