Ausmus Scheduled for Back Surgery

Dodgers disabled catcher Brad Ausmus will have back surgery Thursday morning to repair a herniated disc. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Robert Watkins Jr. and the club said it hopes to have Ausmus back on the field late this summer. Ausmus is 41 and on the disabled list for the first time in a 17-season career. — Ken Gurnick


I hope this isn’t the end for Brad… He’s a good back up for Russ

So I guess this also means that A.J. Ellis will see less playing time.
Is this good for a young catcher?

OBF – remember that Ellis is older than Martin. This is his chance to show what he can do at the plate. He is no Ausmus but unless the Dodgers trade for another PVL backup catcher, Ellis is all we have.

Ellis will be fine. And as it stands, there is absolutely NOBODY available as a free agent that is worth mentioning as a replacement (with apologies to Paul Bakko).

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