Tuesday’s Starter Still Unknown

It’s hoped manager Joe Torre can shed some light today on who will start Tuesday night’s game in New York, but no clear choice has emerged to replace Vicente Padilla, who was disabled Saturday. The first preference would be a Minor Leaguer currently on the 40-man Major League roster, but among them Scott Elbert not only has a ?8.36 ERA after three starts, but he just left Triple-A Albuquerque for the birth of his child, with journeyman Seth Etherton taking his spot. James McDonald is on the disabled list with two cracked fingernails. Brent Leach and Travis Schlichting are on the 40-man, but are relievers. — Ken Gurnick

One comment

  1. mesjunkets@knology.net

    What a mess! McCourt should be ashamed to show his face at Dodger Stadium. He went cheap and tied Ned’s hands and now we are stuck with horrible pitching problems. They don’t even have someone to call up? The Dodger Nation deserves better. These guys have no chance at post season simply because we have a totally confused rotation and bullpen. I know it’s early and rest of division is staying back with us, but no team makes postseason without pitching. And we have more leaks and holes in our staff than the “Titanic”!

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