Torre Leaning Toward 11 Pitchers, DeWitt at Second

Manager Joe Torre said the Dodgers have tentatively decided to start the season with 11 pitchers instead of 12, which means Blake DeWitt is likely to start the season as the primary second baseman.


“I think we’re 11 now,” Torre said. “Still debating who the 11 are. There’s a chance we could go to 12 with all the extra players, but 11 seems the most reasonable thing to do. To start. My guess is 12 will be the number most of the year.”


Going with 11 pitchers makes it feasible for the Dodgers to keep one more position player, who will probably be Nick Green to serve as a natural backup shortstop to Rafael Furcal.


As for DeWitt, Torre conceded that the 11-man pitching staff would almost ensure DeWitt a job, at least sharing the position with Jamey Carroll and Ronnie Belliard.


“It’s realistic to say that,” Torre said. “He’s included in all those players. An 11-pitcher scenario, Blake DeWitt’s chances are better, it’s safe to say that.” — Ken Gurnick

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