Lindblom Top Rookie in Camp

Pitcher Josh Lindblom is the winner of the 2010 Jim and Dearie Mulvey Award, given to the top rookie in Dodger camp as voted on by the Dodger coaches. Lindblom has impressed the staff, despite tossing just 4.0 innings during Cactus League play due in part to his being on the roster that went to Taiwan. The Indiana native was a second round pick by the Dodgers in 2008 out of Purdue. The Mulvey family were part owners of the Dodgers from 1938-1975. — Ken Gurnick


  1. rogerthelodgerbygod

    What a gutless blog this is. I “commented” on why I hoped Lindblom would be on the final roster, with a side reference to the geezers signed to pitch, eating up innings in Spring Training that I felt could have been allocated to Lindblom. Oh yes, I wished Joe success in his new office job next year, and, for all of that, it got trashed. What happened to freedom of speach? Evidently all you want us to do is put on our rose colored glasses and tell everyone how great everything is…..LOL


    I agree with you 100% Joe does not have a clue how to run this team and his stupid sidekick does not either, Let just hope this is his last year as manager!!!! I just wish we could get Scoscia from the Angel to replace him, or Kevin Kennedy, I think either one of them would make great managers. Maybe even EK could become our manager.I think he has the make up to be a top flight manager lets just hope than can win the big one despite those two clowns running the show

  3. dodgerdoug

    I love it when fans who have average baseball minds at best think they can run a team better than a manager who has been to 15+ consecutive playoffs and has won 4 World Series.


    Too kind, much too kind, dodgerdoug my friend.

    To think that Lindblom was ready to be placed on the 25-man roster after this spring could only come from the mind of brainiacs with 6th grade spelling levels and mastery of the English language.

    This Dodger team has been a very successful one with Joe Torre at the helm, and their lack of post-season success is more of a result of Manny’s flameouts and key injuries than any shortcomings of Torre’s.

    The emerging young talent, key veteran role players, and stabilizing effect of talented veterans suggest that this will be a very good Dodger season and can be either augmented or thrown roadblocks by management if given $ constraints by the owner/s divorce court.

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