Elbert Up, Leach Down

While negotiations on the George Sherrill were ongoing Thursday, the Dodgers recalled left-handed reliever Scott Elbert and optioned back to Triple-A Albuquerque left-handed reliever Brent Leach. Elbert had been scratched from a scheduled start Wednesday night. Elbert, who has been mentioned in trade rumors, had been optioned to Albuquerque 10 days earlier. — Ken Gurnick


  1. koofoo32

    When Sherrill reports, how about ridding ourselves of the mistake Schmidt and giving the Friday start to a much deserving Scott Elbert.

  2. koofoo32

    When Sherrill reports, how about ridding ourselves of the mistake Schmidt and giving the Friday start to a much deserving Scott Elbert.

  3. mannybeingmvp

    I think we should give Friday’s start to Schmidt, unless he “wows” then the Dodgers should end the Schmidt experiment. I am open as to who the fifth pitching slot should then go to, after Kershaw, Billingsley, Wolf and Kuroda. But my guess is that the Dodgers will pick up one more starting pitcher by tomorrow. Otherwise, Elbert, Stults, McDonald, Weaver, even Kuo could be in the mix for the fifth starter with Sherrill now there to join Broxton, Troncoso and Belisario. But after the Friday start by Schmidt, I think the fans with say the fifth starter needs ABS. No not adominal muscles, but rather Anybody But Schmidt. We should host a retirement night for him the next time the Giants visit Chavez Ravine.

  4. swraight

    I’ve been reading the rumors and fodder left and right regarding Halladay, therefore not sure what to believe. But one consistent has been the Jays’ request of at least five prospects for Halladay. Well, I say the Dodgers bite the bullet and do it. Make a championship run. I know L.A. management doesn’t like adding payroll during the season, but it should make an acception for someone who could possibly bring a pair of championships back to L.A.

  5. blisshousect@optonline.net

    If the Dodgers can get Halladay w/o giving up Bills or Kershaw then do it. I usually don’t advocate trading a group of top young talent for one guy but in this case they should. The core of their team (kemp, ethier, kershaw, billinsley, loney etc..) are 27 or younger so they don’t have to worry about getting old anytime soon. This could be the year LA finally gets back to the WS & if you could get a pitcher of Halladay’s caliber for the next year & a half you do it.

  6. sterlinghopkins@gmail.com

    Please keep Clayton Kershaw is the advice that I would give Dodger management. He is such an oustanding pitcher who has yet to see his best days. I consider Roy Halladay to be the best pitcher in MLB, but I definitely would not include Kershaw ina trade for Halladay even if the trade was straight up one for the other. Because Kershaw is 21 while Halladay is 32 even if it were an even exchage which the Bluejays would probably never agree to, I feel that the Dodgers would still be giving up too much. I would like to see the Dodgers add a starter. I respect the Dodgers management and I hope that they make the best deals possible.

  7. evallo@verizon.net

    Eric Stults has come through for us time and time again. He’s doing great in AAA now. Give him the ball as the 5th starter. Next year the rotation is Bills, Kershaw, McDonald, Stults and whoever we pick up as a free agent. I’ll take Wolf back again.

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