Colletti on Halladay

The price in players for Toronto ace Roy Halladay is “two or three players off our current club, including a young pitcher, or five or six prospects,” Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti told KABC Radio Friday morning. Colletti wouldn’t mention names, but presumably the young pitcher is either Clayton Kershaw or Chad Billingsley or Jonathan Broxton. Trading any of them would hardly improve the Dodgers’ chances this year, not to mention the other player off the Major League club, not to mention the long term impact. However, a larger deal (or separate deal) could be made with Toronto that would return reliever and former Dodgers farmhand Jason Frasor, according to the Toronto Globe. Frasor would address the Dodgers’ other need, a veteran reliever. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dodgersdigital

    I don’t know…sounds like he’s pre-justifying a non-move that has already been non-made.

    Cliff Lee makes more sense. If Colletti can get Lee AND Halladay and a stud reliever for Billingsley, DeWitt, Hu, Josh Bell, Kenley Jansen then I could see offering “two or three players off our current club, including a young pitcher”. Otherwise, how do you justify moving (a player like)Billingsley?

  2. grabarkewitz1

    I agree. If it costs five or six prospects, get it done Ned! It will hurt to lose Dee Gordon or Scott Elbert, but a World Series win in 2009 will make it a whole lot less painful.

  3. roncey10

    The price in players for Toronto ace Roy Halladay is “two or three players off our current club, including a young pitcher, or five or six prospects,”

    That is great news! The Dodgers have not been this close to winning a World Series since the Reagan Administration.

    Five, Six, Seven prospects, who cares… Cough it up and win a World Series in 2009 and 2010…

  4. ainbonsall

    Mr. Coletti please, PLEASE do what it takes to get Roy Halladay. Don’t trade Kershaw, Bills or Broxton, but if in order to get Doc it requires 5, 6, or how ever many prospects MAKE THE DEAL. I don’t care if we get Frasor. Get Halladay and we will win the World Series.


    Anywhere near the “price” Colletti mentioned is too much. One pitcher, one injury, sore arm, whatever, and the LAdS ARE IN DEEP DOO DO.

    Remember the trade for Penney?

  6. indianslove

    The Jays sure are asking a lot for Halladay..I’m pretty sure that was their plan all along. Make the trade public so offers will come flowing in, & then see if they can find an unbelievably good one to cash in on. I have heard rumors about Cliff Lee & Halladay, but I really dont think we should be trading Lee..I hope these rumors are just that. Rumors.
    – TC

  7. 28scott68

    Does the Dodgers no good this year, or in the years to come, to part with Billingsley, Broxton or Kershaw, in order to get Halladay for a year and a half. Adding Halladay to what we have makes sense, but adding him and giving up something is not that much of a gain at all. Has to be a play using prospects and NOBODY in the starting lineup, or those 3 arms. DeWitt, Hu, Paul…..whoever, give them up for Halladay and throw in McDonald and a couple other minor league promising arms. Get it done Ned! We lost to Philly last year, don’t let them beat you at the GM game now and then on the field later in the playoffs.

  8. thirdleg

    I like how people act like trading for Halladay guarantees a World Series win.

    What if the trade happens, and the Dodgers run into some bad bounces here and there and get swept? Remember the last team to trade for a front-line starter at the deadline?

    The team the Dodgers swept last year in the playoffs?

    Ok, the Dodgers give up whatever for Halladay and they lose. What now? The Dodgers are making the playoffs regardless, so if Halladay doesn’t win the Dodgers the World Series, trading for him is absolutely valueless.

  9. outoftheblue

    I wouldn’t trade anybody from the major league club. Even talking about sending Billingsley or Kershaw is insane. If Kemp is traded somebody should be run out of town on a rail, somebody whose name starts with a C and ends with an I. If we can add pitching by trading some prospects great otherwise don’t fix what ain’t broken.

  10. roncey10

    If the two options are Halladay to Phillies or Halladay to the Dodgers….

    If he goes to the Phillies it makes it a long shot, meaning something funny has to happen in order for the Dodgers to get out of the NL…

    If he goes to the Dodgers, then they are a heavy favorite to go to the World Series in 2009 and 2010…

    In baseball anyting can happen, but you would prefer to have the odds on your side…

  11. thirdleg

    The odds are that funny things happen in the playoffs. Including inferior teams winning. There’s a reason the best team doesn’t win every year.


    Ned can let Toronto pick four from the MINOR LEAGUE SYSTEM. If that’s not good enough, then walk away. I wouldn’t trade Billingsley for anyone. I wouldn’t trade Kershaw for anyone. I wouldn’t trade Kemp for anyone. Not Halladay, not Pujols, no one. Do we need a starting pitcher? Yep. Maybe even two. You do not break up a roster that has the BEST record in baseball. No single player guartees post season success. Anyone who thinks trading any of our young MAJOR league talent is a good idea should concetrate on soccer, or maybe the tour de france.

  13. icare10_icy

    What a great value to the team if we could obtain HalladAY without giving up Billingsley, Kershaw and Broxton. However, the reality is the Dodgers have plenty of prospects but not at the level the Blue Jays believe Halladay is worth. We simply do not have high quality prospects but on the other hand we have plenty of expendable prospects. Colletti is walking a fine line willing to give prospects but not necessary the quality Blue Jays are looking for. Just remember last year second best deal became the final deal (Manny). Colletti has other options he should be exploring and I believe he will come up with some type of trade without mortgaging the future.


    Mr. Coletti, Please do not trade Billingsley,Kershaw, kemp,or Eithier. They are far too valuable. Actually, all of our starters are. Prospects yes-starters___ no. In fact, I”d not trade Kemp for anyone in Baseball!! If you can get thedeal done for prospects, DO IT!! But none and I do mean none of our front line players. —-

  15. mrdodger1

    Ned don’t trade any of the young pitchers don’t trade Billingsley, Kershaw or Broxton! Trade James Mcdonald or Scott Elbert n a few prospects, but if they’re asking for Loney, Kemp or anyone other starter than just go for some other starter like Danny Haren or Cliff Lee! Or maybe both! Trade Pierre anyways we have Xavier Paul, and Hoffman.

  16. straightpool2000

    Mr Colletti, I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1958 and I haven’t been this excited about a group of young players since Garvey, Cey, Lopes and Russell. This team is special with Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Bills and Kershaw on the verge of stardom. THIS TEAM IS SPECIAL. Please keep it intact…

  17. servevolley

    I don’t get the problem with trading five or six prospects. We don’t have too many good prospects. So what if they develop into studs like Kemp or Ethier in a few years? At least we will already, and still, have Kemp and Ethier on the club. Word up.


    [ MY OPINION] I am a die hard Dodger fan. But i am not feling too good about these 3 games we lost in a row. Everything is ok,but our pitching. Every good team has a one -two punch.We dont. We have Kershaw as # 2 and the rest are fours and fives. We need to bring in the guy everybody wants. This is our year. We have everything else from the owner to the bat boy. Bring in Halladay, Kershaw, Billingsley,kuroda. That would be the shot in the arm we all need. Thats my opinion.

  19. ibleedblue

    How does Philly get Cliff Lee for some single A pitchers and no one off their roster? Where were the Dodgers on that one? I LOVE our guys but I see every contender around us improving and we just sit around. We could be one and done. Don’t talk about the best record. We started with a pretty easy schedule and now have some pitching injuries. We just aren’t playing the same. I say sell the farm to get Halladay. Prospects are merely that. And really look at Billingsleys performance over the past few months. If that’s the deal maker I say go for it. You have to give something to get something. Kershaw, hands off. The rest of the line-up, hands off. But Bills, yeah. We are talking legit solid number 1 pitcher. For once I hope the Dodgers don’t go shopping to a rehab center or retirement home for pitching help.

  20. ibleedblue

    Some people are saying one man doesn’t win a pennant and that is true. But remember Halladay doesn’t just give us his wins. He consistently goes 7, even 8 and 9 innings, so he gives the bullpen much needed rest that they have not been getting with the current staff. So that contributes to wins in games for the next guy as our bully comes in fresh and ready go.

  21. ibleedblue

    I’ve been reading where people say don’t give up on Billingsley, he’s going to be a great pitcher. Well that may be true, but Halladay IS a great pitcher NOW. Personally I’m tired of playing Kirk Gibson’s home run over and over because that’s the only World Series highlight we’ve had to enjoy for the past twenty years. We should do this NOW. Yes Bills may become an amazing pitcher. But you can’t keep ’em all folks. Kershaw I wouldn’t give up for anybody. You can already see the strength and character he has developed in his short time in the big leagues. But Billingsley…worth the deal in my opinion. I don’t feel he is very tough.

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