No Day Off for Manny

Dodgers employees, still stunned over Manny Ramirez’s jaw-dropping pinch grand-slam homer Wednesday night, arrived at Dodger Stadium Thursday morning to find Ramirez taking batting practice. Although the club has a rare day off in the middle of a homestand, Ramirez had arranged for first-base coach Mariano Duncan to pitch to him, apparently not wanting to go two days without taking live batting practice. Ramirez skipped batting practice Wednesday because of a sore hand that also kept him out of the starting lineup. Then pinch-hitting in the sixth inning, he rocketed Nick Masset’s first pitch into the Mannywood section of seats for a grand slam. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dodgerbuddy

    Boy, I tell ya it was sure good to see Manny go yard in such a clutch time. It was amazing to see the fan response as well as hearing them cheer. I will be there to cheer them on as well in the post season as I know they will get there with this type of team Go Dodgers and keep the Blue light torch going.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Believe you me, last night will be a night to remember.
    Manny hitting a pinch-hit Grand Slam HR on his own bobblehead night.
    It was no surprise, him coming up to pinch-hit, but Manny in the clutch is like no one before him in a Dodger uniform.
    The Dodgers have had many big sluggers dating back to their origin, but none so explosive as Manny. He’s like coming out of the comic books.

  3. bluenosedodger

    Manny’s HR was amazing. It may well be the defining moment of this season, the exclamation mark when so many of us had question marks. More satisfying to me is Manny taking BP on his day off when he has a sore hand.
    He is paid to hit homers, not to take BP on an off day while nursing an injury.

    It seems he excites the crowd the most since Mike Piazza who was also explosive especially to right field.



    Being a Tigers fan, I wonder what the interest would be in a trade of Pierre and Loney for Miguel Cabrera. With so many dud pitching deals chewing up $$$ for the next 2 years (Willis, Robertson and Bonderman) we simply can’t afford his $82m over the next 4 years.


    We have always lived in Northern California but are TRUE BLUE Dodger fans. We subscribe to XM Satellite Radio and now never miss a Dodger game. We were SO excited to hear of Manny, on Manny Bobbelhead night slamming it into Mannywood. As Frankie Valli sang…”Oh, What a night it was!”

    We love all the Dodgers, what a team. Now I just hope they keep this GREAT line-up together and keep Juan Pierre to spell the regulars. He did a wonderful job in Manny’s absence…please don’t ever forget his great contribution to the Dogers success.

    How sweet it is to finally be in double digits ahead of the Giants!

  6. dodgerbuddy

    Manny can sure make a statement when he wants. And boy did he last night. Thank you Manny, for such a great game and a memory that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Maybe he should skip a day of batting practice a little more often. (lol)

  7. bumsince41

    Day off. Bobblehead Night for Manny. Pinch hit with bases loaded and the game tied. One pitch from Arroyo who has not given up a home run this year. GRAND SLAM. Will Manny catch Lou?


    The game was amazing. I’m so happy that I was there! I just laughed because I thought of all the people out there that hate on Manny and just talked all kinds of stuff about him but he just continues to do work!!!!

    GO BLUE!!!!!

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