Belisario Painfree

Disputing media speculation that he’s out for the year, disabled reliever Ronald Belisario played catch for the second conecutive day and said his elbow was painfree. Belisario will increase the intensity of his throwing and won’t likely return until next month. — Ken Gurnick

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  1. dc jack

    Belisaraio and the BP are showing signs of wear. Understandable considering the short stints the starters had been throwing. Also Joe is quick with the hook on the relievers which adds up to more outings for everybody. But with the best record in the game, whoze gonnal argue?

    Roy the Great would help the BP as much as being an ace but the way Kershaw is pitching it would be close to an even trade and Kershaw is way more fun to watch. Yes, he walks a few and high counts but puting a curve that breaks a foot or more across the plate is 50-50 at best. 3 top notch starters (wth Halliday) would be worth a position player but not the next great lefty.

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