Jason Schmidt Returns Monday

Jason Schmidt, out more than two years with shoulder problems, will start for the Dodgers Monday night against Cincinnati, manager Joe Torre announced Saturday. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dodgersfaninchico

    I have very little faith in his abilities but it’s about time he earns some of the money we wasted on him. Like Penny before him, he’ll leave LA after this year and talk about all the grief LA fans gave him, even though he never gave anything back.

  2. muchopips

    Schmidt has not shown he can start at the major league level. However, the Dodgers did not have too many options. Release him, promote him to the bigs, or put him on the D/L. Why? His rehab time ran out. He has had marginal results with the AAA club. This is “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” time. I am not optimistic. My prediction is that Schmidt will get rocked. Then, he will go back on the D/L for more rehab. If he can pitch anything like the guy the Dodgers thought he was when he signed the fat contract, it would be a big boost. We shall see.

  3. wisea

    As I have said on the majority of my posts regarding this loser, I would not trust him in any area of real responsibility. I guess the GNATS really got us with this one. The SF (and I don’t mean San Francisco) trainer told NC that he was healthy and since NC had been associated with the GNATS, the trainer would never lie to him, now would he? He is the biggest waste of a Dodger uniform and the biggest waste of time by such a proud organization. Just be glad that he will be gone REAL SOON!!!!

  4. wisea

    We should only have to provide 18-20 runs for him to get to and maybe out of the fifth. Lets go Dodgers, get your bats warmed up. We are sure going to need ’em.

  5. dc jack

    Schmidt will pitch a shutout on his return, the Blow Jays will take him and Martin even-up for RH and we win the world series where Brad A. hits 460, 3hrs,12 RBIs and is the MVP. Dodger starters have a combined 1.38 ERA and the BP only throws 6 innings, including 4 saves by Broxton.

    As a side note, Stan Conte is fired but hired by the Jays per Schmidt’s contract demands.

    Hope I don’t wake up before the victory parade.

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