Monday’s Revised Dodgers Lineup

Russell Martin scratched with the flu.


15         Rafael Furcal (S)            SS

30         Orlando Hudson (S)        2B

99         Manny Ramirez             LF

16         Andre Ethier (L)             RF

27         Matt Kemp                    CF

7          James Loney (L)            1B

23         Casey Blake                  3B

12         Brad Ausmus                C

22         Clayton Kershaw (L)       LHP



    Fucall and Orlando have the big names, but so far this spring they have been big busts. A bad back and a bad wrist. Keep DeWitt and Hu up and they will surprise you. The future could be here before we recognize it

  2. brooklynwolf

    The first game hasn’t been played yet. Give em a chance. It may take a few weeks to get going , and it’s still a 162 game season. That being said, Broxton has to produce or its Hong Chi Kuo, in my book, to be the closer. Xavier Paul and Blake Dewhit have earned their way onto the team, but it’s a numbers game and there’s no place for them. I hope we don’t lose them. Go Blue!

  3. masterlaw

    I say, start the movement to make Lindblom the closer of the future…
    Broxton can become trade bait for trying to land an ‘ace’ for this staff (ie: peavy, halladay, davey price…)

    and sign pedro already!

  4. blueduck22

    Totally wrong thinking about Broxton masterlaw (above). I agree he’s not a closer, not yet anyway. But all that means to the Dodgers is that with him closing, we are losing one of the best relievers in the business.

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