Schmidt Clears First Hurdle

Fifth-starter candidate Jason Schmidt allowed one hit in a scoreless inning of work during Monday’s intra-squad game for the Dodgers and came away saying his shoulder felt fine. Schmidt has undergone two operations since he last pitched in a Major League game. Schmidt got ground outs from Juan Pierre and Matt Kemp, a fly out by Mark Loretta and allowed a hit when Casey Blake’s line drive went off the glove of third baseman Luis Maza. Schmidt never faced hitters last Spring when he was struggling to return from June 2007 surgery. “My biggest goal was to get out there and walk off in one piece,” said Schmidt. “Last year, I would pitch in a game and have to take two weeks off. Tomorrow when I play catch will be the biggest hurdle, but I feel pretty good now.” — Ken Gurnick

One comment

  1. dodgerdog1

    I won’t get my hopes too high on Schmidt contributing to the club this year. With a log jam for the 5th and final starting position it is doubtful even considering Schmidt’s cost that the team will start him if he proves anything less than effective. Which is the way it should be..the player that gives us the best chance at winning should ge the nod.

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