Intrasquad Game Summary

In the five-inning intrasquad game Monday, Team Koufax scored a 2-1 win over Team Drysdale. Luis Maza’s sacrifice fly scored Jason Repko in a two-run second inning.  Repko was credited with a triple when right fielder Xavier Paul slipped and missed the catch. Chin-lung Hu scored on a Jesus Castillo wild pitch.  Jason Schmidt started and allowed only an infield single in one scoreless inning.  Jonathan Broxton started and retired two of four batters before reaching a 17-pitch limit. Seven left-handed relievers vying for Joe Beimel’s bullpen spot pitched. They were Scott Elbert, Greg Miller, Brent Leach, Jacobo Meque, Erick Threets, Jesus Castillo and Victor Garate. — Ken Gurnick 


  1. dodgerdog1

    Wouldn’t it be nice to get something, anything out of Schmidt this season? Bullpen would be just fine if not 5th starter.

  2. demrmybums

    It is early to be reading too much into the results of an intrasquad game; however, the comments on Schmidt sound positive. I am kind of pulling for Miller to make the team and while he allowed two runs he did throw strikes which has been his major problem lately. Go, Dodgers!

  3. demrmybums

    While we can dream of Schmidt being our # 5; I expect even better from him if he is truly healthy and hopefully spring training will let us know. If Schmidt is healthy I would like to send Tronsoco down to AAA to work as a starter. That way he will be ready and able to fill in if we lose any starters. Tronsoco has a high upside as a starter in my opinion.

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