Monasterios Makes the Team

Rule 5 draft pick Carlos Monasterios has made the Dodgers Opening Day roster, but manager Joe Torre said he won’t announce whether the Dodgers will carry 11 or 12 pitchers until Sunday. — Ken Gurnick


  1. crzblue2

    Monasterios did good in his first time. Let’s hope it continues. I believe I read he has only piched in two game in Double A. Maybe is good that the bullpen coaches are getting him green so they start from the ground up teaching him. What I mean is that he comes with no bad habits. Well, I hope so.
    Don’t anybody teach him any video games either. Let’ him concentrate on his pitching so he can turn into a monsster of a pitcher. Monster! I like that for his nickname.


    I have been a Doodger fan since 1946, and have seen a lot of promising young pitchers come and go. Billy Loes comes to mind. Some great arms, such as Rex Barney, never learn how to pitch. Pitching is the real weak point for the 2010 Dodgers. They have lost two quality starters to free agency in the past two years and are left basically with one quality starter (Karoda). Kershaw and Billingsley have lots of potential, but they are trying to learn to pitch at the major league level, and so far the pressure is proving too much for them. Koufax had to learn at the major league level because he was a bonus baby and could not be sent down. But these guys would both benefit from a month or two in the minors where their goal would be to learn to get the ball in the strike zone. By the time they learn at the big league level, they will be eligible for free agency. The other guys, Padilla and Haeger, are very marginal starters who are break even at best.

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