Dodgers Trade Rumors

Rumors that the Dodgers are trying to trade young shortstop Chin-lung Hu have are untrue, according to baseball sources. The Dodgers feel they need Hu for insurance if starting shortstop Rafael Furcal has an extended absence.

However, there are indications that the Dodgers would move left-handed starting pitcher Eric Stults or outfielder Jason Repko. Stults, currently competing for the fifth starter job, is out of options. Repko has little chance of reaching the Major Leagues with the Dodgers, who have added reserve outfielders Reed Johnson and Garret Anderson. The Dodgers also believe that Xavier Paul has passed Repko on the outfield depth chart. — Ken Gurnick


  1. omyluv

    I’m very disappointed regarding your comment about Jason Repko. Why can’t they keep him as an additional outfielder?
    Just watch the videos on the dodger website…tell me how many
    runs he has saved with his outstanding fielding. He is amazing
    out there! X. Paul is not as good as Repko, believe me,
    if it was up to me, I’d take Repko in a minute. What do they intend on doing with him? Why don’t they give him some good
    batting instruction. I’ve always thought he was a very valuable
    outfielder, base stealer. Why?

  2. thechemist

    if the Dodgers are thinking of “moving” any outfielders, it shouldn’t be Jason Repko. He’s finally healthy and is a great all around player. Although, if it means he’ll finally get a chance to play every day, perhaps it would be in his best interests to move on. good luck, Repko


    Is George Sherrell Torre’s son in law or what ? Is he forced to put him in??? sure dosen’t make look good when he brings him in. Loney would be a better choice, and he can hit !!!

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