Manny Being Manny on Taiwan Plans

The Dodgers will soon announce their travel roster for next month’s goodwill trip to Taiwan and Manny Ramirez won’t be on it.

But he could be on the trip. He’s told club officials he’s thinking about going. He’s also told club officials he’s thinking about not going. Club officials don’t know what to think.

Manager Joe Torre said he wouldn’t discourage Ramirez — or any of his regular players — from going.

Early commitments have been received from James Loney, Jamey Carroll, Ronnie Belliard, Eric Stults and native Taiwanese Hong-Chih Kuo and Chin-lung Hu. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dodger65

    Looks like Manny is not sure of being a Dodger player at all. No body needs to be pushed but in this case a full time Dodger player is just that and no one needs to be begged to be a team player. He is giving the younger players bad habits and showing them how not to be team players. This is his year and all ready he looks like he is giving up and playing hard to get. He need to show more “DODGER SPIRIT”!!!!!!!………”GO BLUE”

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