Belliard No Lock at Second

Ronnie Belliard was re-signed late after displacing Orlando Hudson at second base last season, but that apparently doesn’t mean he’ll be the every-day starter there this year as management has concerns about his age (35 in April) and his conditioning.

“He knocked in some big runs for us, enough so that you basically played him instead of your regular second baseman,” said manager Joe Torre. “When we made the trade for him, we made no promises he was going to play and, all of a sudden, he caught fire and we really had no choice.

“He was fine with the backup role last season. We know he can play for a short period of time. We have to figure out how many days a week it makes sense.”

As for the conditioning, Belliard’s $850,000 contract will not be guaranteed until he weighs less than 210 pounds. He said he would weigh-in Friday.

Jamey Carroll and Blake DeWitt are also in the mix in what could be a platoon at second base. — Ken Gurnick   



tomorrow is the day that we find out wether or not belliard is a dodger..if not, dewitt starts @ 2B..good thing in my opinion..eventually, its going to be C. MARTIN/ ELLIS/ MAY, 1B. LONEY, 2B. DE JESUS JR, SS. GORDON, 3B. DEWITT, LF. PAUL, CF. KEMP, RF. ETHIER, so might as well start now..

yunghitterz89: I look forward to seeing that line-up.

Looks like 2nd base is going to be a regular Grand Central Terminal for a while.

should of nvr let hudson go. now we got to deal with a 35yr old, 200lb plus secondbaseman? What? does anybody remember what he did last year? belliard was good at best offensively; given the few games he played for us. And DeWitt was’nt impressive to say the least. Hudson played great almost right from the start of the season. We had two really good players in hudson and pierre. Two players that contributed considerably last season. With Pierre coming off the bench to replace ramirez and hitting about .500 that first month back. In fact he was leading the team in era’s for some time, while replacing ramirez. And who came in when we where up in later innings to play defense? It was Pierre. He came in because he was really good from off the bench defensively. Maybe not so good @ bat, from off the bench. I am just tired of us letting these good players go in place of other players that havent shown the same promise all around. Have we been blindsided by the star appeal of Ramirez? We did keep the lead, in the nl west without him. Something that could of been done last year as well, in my opinion. we had a solid good all around players in hudson and pierre. Why?

what did Belliard weigh in at?

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