Billingsley Scratched

Chad Billingsley was scratched from his scheduled start against the Giants Wednesday, manager Joe Torre announced. Torre made the decision after watching Billingsley spin off his tender left hamstring while throwing a bullpen session at AT&T Park before Monday night’s game with the Giants. Torre said no decision had been made on whether Billingsley would be disabled or who will start Wednesday. Among the candidates on the current roster are Jeff Weaver and James McDonald. — Ken Gurnick


  1. louis5423

    Well, just great… Our pitching rotation is already in shambles, and we lose Billingsley. Hopefully it isn’t too bad of an injury. We already have enough to beat the Giants, but this just hurts.

  2. jrob31

    This is exactly what LA gets for hoarding dollars instead of properly taking care of this team…I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THIS CURRENT MANAGEMENT TEAM IF WE FAIL TO WIN TO WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR OR NEXT YEAR!!!

  3. dasani2

    Ned was to tight with his wallet when a reasonable deal could have been made to pick up a good starter as assurance. Now Bills is on the shelf for who knows how long. We will be lucky to take 1 out of 3 up north. How are we going to win in someones else house when we are 4-6 over the last 10 in our own house? I’m more concerned that the Rox will overtake us. They are 7-3 over their last 10.

  4. jcdodgerfan

    Weaver and McDonald should already be the #4 and #5 starters. Kuroda should be in long relief ready to step in when an injury to a starter (Bills) occurs.


    Move up Kershaw to pitch on 3 days rest on Wednesday. Then we can push back Billingsley’s next start with an off day Thursday to August 18.

  6. dodgervato

    forget this Smoltz and Padilla nonsense. The Reds have two starters that have cleared waivers. Arroyo has post season experience and has never been on the DL. He is expensive and hast really been to impressive this year but how many wins can a guy get playing for the Reds. Plus the excitement of being on a contender might get him to perform better.

  7. 6garvey

    I still think we should have aquired a starter instead of a closer. And another thing, since we did get a closer, why isn’t Torre using George Sherril more instead of Broxton?

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