Dodgers Rumored Interested in Halladay

The Dodgers are already in the mix of teams rumored to be interested in Toronto ace Roy Halliday, whose club announced it is willing to listen to offers. Other clubs also expected to be interested are the usual suspects — Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Cardinals, Brewers and Angels. Halladay’s contract status makes him an unlikely Dodgers pickup. He’s due to receive the remainder of his $14.25 million salary this year and he’s owed $15.75 million next year. And he has a no-trade clause. All of that means any acquiring club not only would pick up the remaining $22 million plus, but would need to tack on an extension to get him to waive the no-trade clause. Then there are the prospects it would take to pry him from Toronto. — Ken Gurnick


  1. dc jack


    Do you have an idea what it will take to pry RH from Toronto? Any chance they would take a real fast guy who hits for average and half of AAA? Maybe throw in the cash we saved on Manny’s sabatical.

    I have this horrible thought that Ethier might end up in the deal.

  2. icare10_icy

    Ken, I understand the price but we would only pay 1/3 of his salary if the deal happens at the 7/31 trade deadline for 2009. Secondly, Schmidt (15.5), Wolf (5 M) and Mota (2.5) Manny’s (7.7 M) lost salary by suspension and the return on Schmidt’s Legation should be considered as offset. Excluding the 25 roster we have a lot of hitting and pitching prospects and Ned would just have to decide who he wants to loose. The benefit would be a play off pitching staff that would compete with the 60’s Dodgers pitching staff. Why not give it your best shot it maybe another deal that falls in our lap one hour before trade deadline is over.


    Mcdonald, Elbert, Hu, and a double A guy just for good measure. We’re in a good position right now with out pitching present and out pitching horizon that we can sell the space in between. Even if we ship off McDonald (who’s more of a American league guy anyways) Elbert (who has all the upside) and Hu (because shortstops aren’t as important in the American league) we’re still fine with the above par pitching we have hiding in the minor leauges ready to come up next year and the year after that.


    Hu? Elbert? McDonald? No it would take Kershaw or Billingsley plus probably Lambo PLUS probably McDonald. This is Roy Halladay he won’t come cheap & that’s exactly what the Dodgers are. I say if we can get Halladay & it costs us kershaw ship him out. Lock up Halladay for 5 years and let Kershaw blossom in Toronto. Halladay is the best in the game & in Dodger stadium it’s scary how many games this guy could win. Make the move NED!

  5. mikeinla

    Have you guys herd the old saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? The Dodgers are 23 games over .500 at mid-season with a thunderous offense, air-tight defense, and, yes, great pitching. This club is so solid and deep, it’s almost scary. It’s true, you can’t have too much pitching, but giving up any of the talent we have now would be a mistake. TECHNICAL NOTE: Manny is not paid by the game. He is only actually being paid $5 million for the 2009 season with the rest deferred, and the union contract specifies how many days in a season and what percent of his salary a player may be penalized for each game he misses. We aren’t saving anywhere NEAR $7.7 million on Manny’s suspension.

  6. icare10_icy

    mikeinta, here’s the facts of Manny’s contract, two years, $45 million ($25 million in 2009, $20 million in 2010) with a player option after the first year. If Ramirez decides to stay, payment will be deferred over five years without interest at $10 million each for the first two years and $8.33 million each for the next three years. If he opts out, he’ll receive $25 million over the course of four years, $10 million, $5 million, $5 million and $5 million. Manny receives 10 M not 5 M, plus 7.7 represents is 25 M salary deferred over fours. It’s 7.7 M, send a question to Gurnick he maybe able to explain it better.

  7. wisea

    Can we afford to go after RH not knowing if we will have a chance at resigning the O Dog. All the pitching in the world won’t mean a thing without second base covered like we have become used to.


    Are we all absolutely crazy? Get Halladay now! Give McDonald, Paul, Hu, Dewitt, Giancarlo Alvarado, Eric Threets, Lambo and Travis Chick. That gives Toronto plenty to build on with SP, OF, IF and Relief without giving up Kershaw or Broxton and it doesn’t really deplete our minor league system too much. We all know Halladay is a game changer and could and will take us deep into the playoffs and also the WORLD SERIES.

  9. jr637

    I’ve been a Dodgers fan since the days of Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Pitching has always been a Dodgers stronghold; adding RH would be awesome, but I am afraid Toronto would demand too much in return. Kershaw in the mix would not bother me one bit, but who (what) else would we have to give up. I heard Ethier’s name mentioned – I say “no dice” to that, he is one of the best right fielders in the game, even though he is a “streak hitter.” I think we will have a good shot at the post season, but unfortunately our pitching does not quite match-up with what the franchise has produced in the past. We have a great team.

  10. dodgerbuddy

    I think if the Dodgers really want Halladay trade him for some minor league prospect and some cash. You do not want to break up any of our youth core 1-9 do to the fact that the chemistry is just about right and you do not want to mess that up. The end result could be costly.

  11. bl33dblue

    The cost for Halladay ~is~ simply too high, especially if it must include Kershaw. Kershaw’s upside is simply too high. Halladay would be a one and a half year addition, essentially becoming a weapon for two playoff runs, and, as such, would be highly valuable, but if the extension is a necessity for the waive of the trade clause, then absolutely not.

  12. dodgerbuddy

    Like someone said earlier if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And the Dodgers are definitely not broken so don’t try and fix anything at this time. Now if Halladay just happens to show up at our doorstep for pennies on the dollar then that would be a different story. It seems that the BJays are trying to hype up Halladay for more incentives and/or cash.

  13. outoftheblue

    Don’t even think about Billingsley, Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Broxton, Martin. They should be un-touchable. It’s not an improvement if you lose as much or more than you gain.

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