Elbert Promoted to Albuquerque

Left-hander Scott Elbert was promoted from Double-A Chattanooga to Triple-A Albuquerque Wednesday, replacing in the starting rotation Miguel Pinango, who was released. The Dodgers — as well as clubs that might be interested in obtaining Elbert in exchange for the veteran starter the Dodgers are seeking — want to see him against more veteran hitters. Elbert, a former No. 1 draft pick, was seen by Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti on his Minor League scouting trip last week. — Ken Gurnick

One comment

  1. tnmccoy63@comcast.net

    I think the trading of Scott Elbert for a seasoned pitcher might be a good idea, but how well do we know Elbert? What if he’s an incarnation of Koufax or Drysdale? The Dodgers seem to be doing well as is. What more is needed? Manny is due back shortly, and then the big question is what to do with Juan Pierre. I’d hate to see the Dodgers lose him. And yes! I don’t have a solution.

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