Umpire Replaced

Wednesday night’s Dodgers-Mets game was to start with a three-man umpire crew. James Hoye took ill and Minor League umpire Jake Uhlenhopp was en route to join the game in progress while making his Major League debut at third base. He arrived for the bottom of the second inning. — Ken Gurnick


  1. oldbrooklynfan

    In all my years, this is the first time I saw anything like this happen with an umpire arriving in the 2nd inning and it being his first major league game.

  2. mhg13

    Poor Jake Uhlenhopp. He’s now part of a fraternity full of dopes and village idiots. Umpires are the dumbest people on the planet. Just watch a game closely and watch how many calls are actually missed on a daily basis. It’s mind blowing. In game 2 of the Dodgers-Mets series the first base umpire missed a call so blatent, he should be fired for it. Ryan Church was a good foot away from the bag when Loney tagged him and yet Church was called safe. Embarrassing! Get out Jake while you can.


    mhg13 you are an ***. The first base ump was outside the line, past first base. For him to have seen the tag, he would have had to be inside the line. What would you be saying today if he HAD been, and and in the bottom of the inning got hit by a batted ball that caromed to the first baseman, who then took the ball to the bag? OUT.

    Umpires keep the game honest and do their absolute best to make sure the game is played the way the rulebook says it should be. Did it bother you when Roberto Alomar spit in the Ump’s face? Or are you old enough to remember that? What would you have suggested Alomar’s punishment be? Time Out?


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