Mazone Activated at Albuquerque, Sturtze Released

Two Dodgers relievers that nearly made the club this Spring headed in different directions Friday. Left-hander Brian Mazone, who had the best Spring stats in camp but was sidelined by an abcess on his buttock, has been activated at Triple-A Albuquerque. Right-hander Tanyon Sturtze, who has pitched well at Albuquerque, was given his release after Jeff Weaver was promoted to Los Angeles instead of Sturtze. — Ken Gurnick


Mazone was a great surprise in Spring Training. It’s unfortunate that he had an unusal injury. I hope he can return to his pitching form like in ST. The Dodgers can definitely use him.

Mr. Gurnick, I hope you know that we as Dodger fans will be counting on you a lot more now that Tony Jackson was laid off. You’ve been remiss in making timely and informative input to this site and I for one hope you plan on doing a lot better then what we’ve seen these past few weeks.

It’s sad to see Tony Jackson go, I enjoyed reading his columns, I wish him luck finding employment soon, but you Kenny are the best writer on this website.

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