Thursday’s Dodgers Lineup

No Manny for the bus ride to Tucson:

75        Xavier Paul (L)                         RF

12        Brad Ausmus                            C

7          James Loney (L)                       1B

27        Matt Kemp                              CF

33        Blake DeWitt (L)                     3B

17        Jason Repko                            LF

60        Chin-lung Hu                            SS

14        Juan Castro*                            2B

52        James McDonald (L)                RHP


  1. shep1

    Xavier Paul has really made a strong showing this spring. He has a plus arm, can run and beginning to flat out rake. After seeing him around 150 games in 2006 in the FL STATE LEAGUE, I can truthfully say, he has progressed nicely in his development as a player since that time. He had many assists when I saw him in 2006 and ran many balls down. He is an all-around player that shows much promise. Logan, you’re the man. You and your staff have done a super job drafting and developing these players. If we can just get the pitching to hold up. We miss you all here in Vero-Shep

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