Abreu Saga Continues

Two Springs ago, Tony Abreu played so well in place of an injured Rafael Furcal that he nearly made the Major League club. But his career has been sidetracked by injuries ever since and manager Joe Torre said Tuesday he expects Abreu to open the season at Triple-A. Leading candidates for utility infield roles are Mark Loretta, Blake DeWitt, Juan Castro and Doug Mientkievicz. Abreu has been slowed this Spring coming off operations for a sports hernia and torn hip labrum. Torre met with Abreu while his teammates were going through their morning workouts. — Ken Gurnick


I guess that is the only thing to do.
Let him stay in the minors until he is physically sound and then maybe next year he’ll be ready to play…..some where.

I would say the same thing about DeWitt. i assume the front office feels the same way, but why would you gimp a 22-year old’s development by giving him 75ABs this year and not 450. Loretta and Mientkiewiczskywitzberg would make for a good bench along with Pierre.

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