Kuo, Schlichting Throw Zeroes

Rehabbing pitchers Hong-Chih Kuo and Travis Schlichting threw 12-pitch scoreless innings Monday in a morning “B” game against the White Sox. Kuo, expected to be a key part of the Dodgers’ bullpen, has been babying his delicate elbow. Schlichting, a highly regarded young right-hander, has been slowed by back spasms. Ramon Troncoso started the game and allowed two runs in two innings. — Ken Gurnick


Thanks for the ‘B’ game update
It is good that someone is keeping us up on what is going on in the ‘B’ games could use some more information though. Ken good luck with this site. I hope more fans will start picking up on it. I comment occasionally on the insider site.

Hey ,Ken,
What is the Dodgers intrest, if any, in the possibility of signing Pedro Martinez to a one year contract, to fill in the void left by Lowe and Penny ?

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