A Sandy Koufax Sighting

Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax, a regular Spring Training visitor to Dodgertown as a Vero Beach resident, made his first appearance this Spring Training at the franchise’s new Camelback Ranch-Glendale complex, visiting with manager Joe Torre before the club’s morning team meeting. Torre said Koufax was in the Phoenix area to visit his wife’s daughter and he would not be working with any of the club’s pitchers, as he often did in Florida. While Torre conducted the team meeting, Koufax had breakfast with former teammate Maury Wills in the players dining room and was interrupted by talk-show host Larry King, who was touring the facility with his young son and five of the son’s Little League teammates. — Ken Gurnick


I hope that Koufax will change his mind about working with the youngsters, especially Kershaw.
Sandy belongs in camp every spring and should be welcome anytime, anywhere the Dodgers are.
He was the greatest.

I am a big Koufax fan. Just the other day I was comparing his stats to that of Hershiser, Sutton and Clemens (Roid-ket). He was such a fantastic pitcher with true class (something modern day pitchers could learn). I am hoping he was not upset with the comparisons of his pitching style to that of Kershaw, which may be the reason for the quick departure from Camelback ranch. I am sure a lot of the young pitching staff would love to sit with him for a few minutes. I don?t like how the media need to do these hype-filled comparisons. Kershaw may be good one day, but let us wait until he finishes a fill Major League season before anointing him as the second coming of Koufax.

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