Today’s Lineup

Los Angeles Dodgers


9          Juan Pierre (L)                         LF

12        Brad Ausmus                            C

16        Andre Ethier (L)                       RF

7          James Loney (L)                       1B

23        Casey Blake                             3B

27        Matt Kemp                              CF

33        Blake DeWitt (L)                      2B

3          Delwyn Young (S)                    DH

13        Tony Abreu (S)                        SS


49        Claudio Vargas             RHP



Chicago Cubs


12        Alfonso Soriano                        LF

2          Ryan Theriot                             SS

25        Derrek Lee                               1B

6          Micah Hoffpauir (L)                  DH

18        Geovany Soto                          C

17        Mike Fontenot (L)                    2B

9          Reed Johnson                           CF

19        Richie Robnett  (L)                  RF

73        Bobby Scales (S)                     3B


29        Jeff Samardzija             RHP

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