No Abreu, No Dunn, No Panic

How do the signings of Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn impact the Dodgers?

On the surface, two possible options are unavailable should the Dodgers not re-sign Manny Ramirez. Except that Abreu and Dunn never really were serious options for the Dodgers anyway. The Dodgers have been committed to playing out the Manny stalemate to its conclusion.

The signings of Abreu and Dunn might actually help the Dodgers, as two longshot destinations for Ramirez — Anaheim and Washington — apparently are out of play.

So, the Dodgers strategy remains the same: continue talks with Ramirez, hope that the Giants mean it when they say they won’t get into a bidding war for the outfielder, and hope he’ll eventually return to the Dodgers for one or two years.

And if he doesn’t?

The Dodgers plan to go into the season with the lineup they currently have and see if the kids can step up their game a notch.

And if they don’t?

Then in-season trades will be the tactic of choice, only this year they won’t necessarily wait for the July 31 deadline. General manager Ned Colletti expects rosters to be fluid this season like no other.

What are the Giants’ chances of stealing Ramirez?

It all depends on the Giants’ new managing partner Bill Neukom and whether Scott Boras, Ramirez’s agent, can convince Neukom to break from the market’s current downward trend and bid up Manny. One of the keys to Boras’ success over the years is appealing directly to ownership, and not just general managers.

His relationship with Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, however, is on the chilly side since the Luke Hochevar drama. Another reason the Dodgers are determined not to bid against themselves for Ramirez.

As for bolstering the bullpen, the Dodgers are in touch with agents for Will Ohman, Dennys Reyes, Jamie Wright and Joe Beimel.

 — Ken Gurnick



  1. oldbrooklynfan

    I don’t think I’m alone in liking to see Joe Beimel back.____It looks like if we don’t get Manny and we don’t get jellin’, it will breakup the youth movement. Right?

  2. bluebleeder1977

    we definitely need Manny Ramirez to be the “elite” team of the west, hopefully we get something done before ST…

    the NL West is to be had…

  3. mlbtribefan

    All I know is what I saw in the playoffs in October! Manny brings people to the park and changes the Dodger atmosphere both in the clubhouse, on the field and in the stands. He needs to be signed to keep the atmosphere lively for Dodger fans.


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